Mizzou suffered a 24-point loss to Mississippi State, extending their losing streak to 11 games. Despite a hopeful first half and some standout performances, the Bulldogs dominated the second half, leaving Missouri with few offensive options and 20 turnovers. The absence of leading scorer Sean East due to injury has significantly impacted the team's performance. The Tigers' record now stands at 8-16, and their next game is against Ole Miss on February 17th.

By the Numbers
  • Missouri's record: 8-16
  • Mizzou's losing streak: 11 games
  • Final score: Missouri 51, Mississippi State 75
  • Nick Honor's contribution: 29% of Missouri's total points
  • Turnovers: Missouri gave up 20 turnovers
State of Play
  • Missouri's next game is against Ole Miss on February 17th
  • Sean East, the Tigers' leading scorer, missed the game due to a knee injury
  • Leading scorers: Nick Honor and Tamar Bates
  • Missouri's struggles: 11-game losing streak
Bottom Line

Mizzou's ongoing losing streak, compounded by the absence of key players, notably Sean East, continues to impact their performance, leaving the team struggling to find success on the court.