Less than a month from the NHL trade deadline, the outlook seems grim, with key players already traded and contenders facing limited options. However, there are reasons to believe that the deadline might still offer some excitement. The rental market holds potential with still noteworthy names available, and the unusual market dynamics could lead to unexpected developments. Additionally, surprises are not uncommon in past deadlines, and notable players like Jake Guentzel and key goalies could still make an impact. Amid the anticipation of the trade deadline, the latest rankings highlight the top contenders and the struggles of certain teams in the league.

By the Numbers
  • The rental market includes names like Vladimir Tarasenko, Anthony Duclair, Adam Henrique, and others
  • The Central Division isn't as daunting as before, potentially shifting dynamics in the league
  • The Edmonton Oilers faced the Pittsburgh Penguins, with the majority favoring the Penguins to win
  • The Boston Bruins may struggle in bidding wars due to limited assets
  • The Colorado Avalanche have faced recent setbacks, raising concerns about their performance
State of Play
  • The trade deadline appears challenging, with limited options for contenders and unusual market dynamics
  • The top five teams with the best chances at winning the Stanley Cup are outlined, revealing the current landscape of contenders
  • The struggles of the Metro Division are highlighted, with the absence of representation in the top five rankings for several weeks
  • The dilemma and potential impact of the upcoming outdoor games are mentioned, adding an additional layer to the league's dynamics
Bottom Line

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the trade deadline, the NHL rankings shed light on the current challenges and opportunities in the league, offering a glimpse into the potential outcomes as the season progresses.