Following the NHL's All-Star weekend, the past week has been relatively quiet in terms of major off-ice developments, with the focus shifting to on-ice performances. The Power Rankings reflect a typical post-All-Star break dip in productivity, as top teams navigate a potential letdown after the break and grapple with the decision of contending for the Stanley Cup or preparing for trade deadline sell-offs.

By the Numbers
  • Edmonton Oilers' 16-game winning streak halted, bringing an end to one of the best storylines of the season.
  • Arizona Coyotes' fall to 26th after a promising start with a stadium saga overshadowing on-ice play, leading to another lost season and potential deadline selling.
  • Ottawa Senators showing signs of improvement, albeit too late to salvage the season.
  • Calgary Flames' resurgence with three straight wins after trading Elias Lindholm, injecting some life into the team's prospects.
  • Philadelphia Flyers and Los Angeles Kings displaying playoff potential despite intermittent inconsistency.
  • Teams like Seattle Kraken, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils, and Washington Capitals facing challenges in maintaining consistency in the playoff hunt, leading to considerations regarding potential trade deadline actions.
  • Colorado Avalanche's struggles with a four-game losing streak, raising concerns despite facing strong opponents.
  • Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights, and Boston Bruins securing prominent positions in the Power Rankings amid a competitive field of top teams.
State of Play
  • Following a relatively quiet week, anticipation mounts for the imminent trade deadline, with expectations of significant player movements and potential surprises in buyer-seller dynamics.
  • Calgary and Montreal have initiated the trade activities, but more impactful moves are anticipated to influence the NHL's balance of power and subsequently the Power Rankings.
Bottom Line

The week post-All-Star break has witnessed a return to on-ice action, with teams grappling with the decision to contend for the Stanley Cup or prepare for potential trade deadline sell-offs. Key developments include the halting of Edmonton Oilers' impressive winning streak, the Arizona Coyotes' slide prompting another lost season and potential deadline selling, and the resurgence of the Calgary Flames post Elias Lindholm trade. As teams gear up for the trade deadline, significant player movements are expected, with the potential to reshape the NHL's balance of power and subsequently impact the Power Rankings.