Nolan Schubart had an impressive freshman season for OSU, earning multiple All-American honors and setting records for RBIs. As he prepares for his sophomore season, Schubart faces the challenge of living up to heightened expectations and being the focus of opposing teams' scouting reports.

By the Numbers
  • Schubart hit .338 with 74 RBIs in his freshman season, setting a record for the most RBIs by an OSU player since 2007.
  • He drew 43 walks, the second-most on the team behind Riggio.
State of Play
  • Schubart will be the primary focus of opposing teams' scouting reports in his sophomore season.
  • With several key players from the previous season no longer in the lineup, the 2024 squad is relatively unproven, placing more pressure on Schubart to perform.
What's Next

As Schubart faces increased attention from opponents, he aims to maintain his performance by adjusting to potentially different pitching strategies and focusing on his overall athleticism and bat control.

Bottom Line

Schubart's challenge in his sophomore season is to maintain and build on his exceptional performance, despite being the focus of opposing teams' strategies, while also adjusting to changes in the lineup.