Patrick Mahomes secured victory in Super Bowl LVIII with his exceptional running ability, becoming the first quarterback in history to earn back-to-back titles and MVP awards in both championship games. In the latest game, Mahomes utilized his legs to rack up 66 rushing yards, making critical plays to move the chains and set up scoring opportunities. Here are the key moments that highlighted his strategic and impactful running:

By the Numbers
  • Mahomes gained 66 rushing yards, marking a significant increase from his 44 rushing yards in the previous Super Bowl.
  • He led the team in rushing, showcasing his contribution to the ground game's success.
Yes, But

Mahomes' success in utilizing his legs raises questions about the effectiveness of the opposing defenses and the need for adjustments to contain his dual-threat capabilities in future games.

State of Play
  • The victory cements Mahomes' status as one of the greatest professional athletes, not only due to his career accomplishments but also his exceptional physical abilities, including his strategic and impactful running.
  • Mahomes strategically used his running ability at crucial moments, such as sustaining a game-winning Super Bowl drive, showcasing his ability to capitalize on the right opportunities.
Bottom Line

Patrick Mahomes' historic back-to-back titles and MVP awards, achieved through strategic and impactful running, cement his status as one of the greatest professional athletes of our time.