The New Orleans Saints are facing tough decisions with the start of free agency just a month away. With over $80 million in the red, the team must navigate salary cap compliance while making crucial choices about their free agents.

By the Numbers
  • Rashid Shaheed predicted to STAY
  • P.J. Mustipher predicted to STAY
  • Adam Prentice predicted to STAY
  • Shemar Jean-Charles predicted to STAY
  • Lynn Bowden Jr. predicted to STAY
  • Ryan Connelly predicted to GO
  • Isaac Yiadom predicted to STAY
  • Max Garcia predicted to STAY
  • Zack Baun predicted to GO
  • Malcolm Roach predicted to GO
Yes, But

The Saints may want to aim higher in rebuilding their receiving corps, which could impact the return of some players.

State of Play
  • New Orleans is in the red by more than $80 million
  • Will need to make heavy decisions on reaching salary cap compliance
  • Predictions made for various free agents, including STAY and GO choices
What's Next

The Saints will need to carefully strategize their approach to free agency and roster changes, considering the financial constraints they face.

Bottom Line

The Saints are at a critical juncture, with tough decisions ahead as they navigate the complex landscape of free agency and team restructuring in the face of significant financial challenges.