In the Arkéa Ultim Challenge, three skippers have passed Cape Horn within a week, with Charles Caudrelier, Armel Le Cléac'h, and Thomas Coville making the journey. They are now progressing up the Atlantic, pushing towards the finish line, while Anthony Marchand and Éric Péron face challenging conditions at sea. The race director, Guillaume Rottee, provides updates on each skipper and their new ETAs.

By the Numbers
  • Charles Caudrelier ETA: At Equator (Saturday 17 - Sunday 18), on the finish line (Saturday 24 - Sunday 25)
  • Armel Le Cléac’h ETA: Equator (Wednesday 21 - Thursday 22), on the finish line (Monday 26 - Tuesday 27)
  • Thomas Coville ETA: Equator (Thursday 22 - Friday 23), on the finish line (Tuesday 27 - Wednesday 28)
  • Anthony Marchand ETA: Cape Horn (Sunday 18)
  • Éric Péron ETA: At Cape Horn (Thursday 22 - Friday 23)
State of Play
  • Charles Caudrelier continues to navigate upwind towards the trade winds.
  • Armel Le Cléac’h faces a big depression, seeking shelter closer to the coast.
  • Thomas Coville is sailing in conditions similar to Armel's but with slightly less wind.
  • Anthony Marchand is compromised by unfavorable weather conditions, sailing into a depression without a port foil.
  • Éric Péron is expected to catch up with Marchand's ULTIM ADAGIO due to a favorable weather trend in the Pacific.
What's Next

The skippers will continue their journey towards the Equator and the finish line, with each facing unique challenges and weather patterns.

Bottom Line

The Arkéa Ultim Challenge sees skippers navigating challenging conditions, with each facing distinct obstacles as they strive to reach the finish line.