The San Jose Sharks are in a rebuilding phase and struggling across the board, particularly with scoring and defending. As the team prepares for the likelihood of moving players at the deadline, there's a suggestion to target Arthur Kaliyev, the young winger for the Los Angeles Kings. Kaliyev, a second round pick in the 2019 NHL entry draft, has proven himself as an NHL caliber player, but has struggled for consistent playing time with the Kings. Given the Sharks' desperate need for offensive firepower, pursuing Kaliyev, who has demonstrated his value with notable goal and assist statistics, could be a strategic move to address the team's scoring woes.

By the Numbers
  • Kaliyev posted 14 goals and 13 assists for 27 points in his rookie season, followed by 13 goals and 15 assists for 28 points in 56 games the following season.
  • In the current season, Kaliyev has recorded 6 goals and 8 assists in 38 games
State of Play
  • The Sharks are currently ranked last in goals scored in the NHL.
  • There's a possibility of offering a goalie and one of the rentals off the forward core to the Kings to secure Kaliyev.
Bottom Line

The San Jose Sharks should strongly consider pursuing Arthur Kaliyev to address their dire need for offensive talent and bolster their rebuilding efforts.