Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald called into the team's local ESPN radio station, sharing insights on building the coaching staff, the team's vision, and specific hires.

By the Numbers
  • Macdonald emphasizes the importance of finding the right coaching staff, describing the process as "long".
  • He stresses that the Seahawks will focus on "chasing edges" and pursuing a growth mindset as part of the team's vision.
  • Macdonald highlights the need for the offense and defense to establish a core identity and build up core concepts and fundamentals.
  • Leslie Frazier's hiring is lauded as a significant move, with Macdonald describing him as "a massive resource."
  • Aden Durde impressed in his interview for the defensive coordinator position, with Macdonald stating that they see the defense in the same way.
  • Macdonald affirms the team's commitment to running the football, emphasizing a physical and aggressive offense.
  • Former Washington OC Ryan Grubb is highlighted as an exciting hire, with Macdonald noting that the Seahawks' offense will have a unique touch compared to his previous scheme.
Bottom Line

Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald shares key insights into the team's vision and coaching staff, emphasizing the importance of finding the right personnel and establishing a core identity for the offense and defense.