South Carolina's recent games without star center Kamilla Cardoso have led to a significant role shift, with sophomore forward Ashlyn Watkins stepping up notably. In the absence of Cardoso and Sahnya Jah, Watkins excelled, averaging 12.25 points, 10.25 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2.25 steals per game across four matches. Her performance has prompted coach Dawn Staley to reconsider her role in the team's rotation, acknowledging that Watkins has proven her growth and impact, regardless of Cardoso's return.

By the Numbers
  • Watkins averaged 12.25 points on 62.5% shooting from the floor
  • 10.25 rebounds, 3 blocks, and 2.25 steals per contest in the absence of Cardoso and Jah
State of Play
  • South Carolina responded well to the absence of Cardoso and Jah, securing significant victories
  • Coach Staley is reevaluating Watkins' role in the team's rotation and expressing the necessity of having her on the floor
Bottom Line

Ashlyn Watkins' standout performance in the absence of key players has prompted coach Staley to rethink her role, emphasizing the need to have Watkins on the floor, showcasing her growth and impact despite Cardoso's impending return.