The Los Angeles Lakers upgraded the roster by signing Spencer Dinwiddie to a $1.5 million contract, utilizing the rest of the Mid-Level Exception, without making any moves at the 2024 trade deadline. Dinwiddie's decision to join the Lakers over other teams, like the Dallas Mavericks, was influenced by his belief that the Lakers pursue excellence while the Mavericks accept mediocrity. This has generated backlash among Mavericks fans.

The Big Picture

Dinwiddie's choice to join the Lakers over the Mavericks highlights differing team cultures and expectations, sparking a debate about standards and aspirations in the NBA.

Yes, But

Dinwiddie's comments about the Mavericks may be perceived as unfair, considering the team's achievements and playoff performance during his time with them.

State of Play
  • Spencer Dinwiddie signed a $1.5 million contract with the Lakers, outbidding other teams in the process.
  • Dinwiddie's remarks have evoked a mixed reaction, with Mavericks fans expressing disappointment and Lakers fans welcoming the signing.
What's Next

Dinwiddie's performance with the Lakers will likely be closely scrutinized due to the high expectations and standards associated with the team.

Bottom Line

Spencer Dinwiddie's decision to join the Lakers and his comments about the Mavericks have sparked a contentious discussion about team standards and player expectations in the NBA.