The St. Cloud Huskies secured vital wins on the road, positioning themselves just one point behind first-place North Dakota. The RedHawks struggled amid a challenging season, and the Huskies had to rely on their defensive corps to secure victories, with defensemen contributing significantly to the goal tally. Despite facing injury setbacks, the Huskies are looking forward to an upcoming schedule that could further boost their position. They have shown better performance on small rinks versus Olympic-sized sheets, a factor to consider as they move towards the playoffs.

By the Numbers
  • St. Cloud Huskies are currently 17th on offense (3.2 GPG), 16th on defense (2.6 GAPG), 19th on the power play (22.2%), and 26th on the penalty kill (79.2%).
  • Following the weekend wins, the Huskies moved up from 15th to 14th in the Pairwise Rankings and have a 52% probability of participating in the NCAA tournament as a 13th seed.
State of Play
  • Huskies are one point behind first-place North Dakota
  • Benefiting from the upcoming schedule with key home games and a road trip to conclude the regular season
  • Performance on small rinks versus Olympic-sized sheets shows a difference to consider for future games
Bottom Line

The St. Cloud Huskies' recent wins have positioned them well within reach of first place, and their upcoming schedule presents an opportunity to further solidify their position. Their comparative performance on different rink sizes adds an intriguing dimension to their playoff prospects, as they aim to maintain their momentum despite injury concerns.