The Pittsburgh Steelers could be eyeing Justin Fields as a potential addition to their roster, with NFL insider Adam Schefter suggesting that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is a "big fan" of the former Bears quarterback. This speculation arises following the release of former Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky by the Steelers. Schefter noted that Pittsburgh is likely to pursue a new quarterback, and potentially mentioned Fields as a target for the team. If such a move were to materialize, it could involve a trade of Fields to the Steelers. Schefter's statement has sparked interest, particularly as Fields had a notable performance against the Steelers when he faced them as a Bear, and the fit of a mobile quarterback like Fields in the Steelers' lineup is being discussed.

By the Numbers
  • Fields' performance against the Steelers as a Bear: 17 of 29 for 291 yards, with a touchdown, an interception, and 45 yards rushing on eight attempts.
  • Potential draft picks for the Steelers: 20th pick in Round 1, 51st pick in Round 2, 84th pick in Round 3, and Nos. 119 and 120 in Round 4.
Yes, But

No counterarguments or complexities identified.

State of Play
  • Schefter's statement has fueled speculation about the Steelers' interest in Fields.
  • Potential maneuvering of draft picks for a trade with the Bears is discussed.
  • Fields' future in Chicago is uncertain if a trade with Pittsburgh were to occur.
What's Next

The potential acquisition of Justin Fields by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the implications for both the Steelers and the Bears, will likely draw further attention and speculation as the NFL offseason progresses.

Bottom Line

The Steelers' potential interest in acquiring Justin Fields from the Bears, and the implications of such a move, could significantly impact the dynamics of both teams and the broader NFL landscape.