Following the conclusion of Super Bowl LVIII and the impending reset for the 2024 season, BetMGM has released the Super Bowl odds, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opening at +6600, placing them tied for 21st with the New Orleans Saints. This puts them behind 20 other teams, including the division rival Atlanta Falcons, who finished lower than the Buccaneers and the Saints in the 2023 division standings. As the new league year approaches, the Bucs will need to retain key free agents such as Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, and Antoine Winfield Jr., while also addressing weaknesses in their roster.

State of Play
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers open with Super Bowl odds at +6600, tied for 21st with the New Orleans Saints
  • 20 other teams have better odds for the 2024 season
  • The Bucs must focus on retaining key free agents and shoring up roster weaknesses
Bottom Line

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face long odds for the 2024 season, but by retaining key players and addressing roster weaknesses, they have the opportunity to improve their chances in pursuit of another Super Bowl run.