The Kansas Jayhawks face a road game against Texas Tech following a top-15 showdown, raising concerns about the team's roster.

By the Numbers
  • Team: Texas Tech
  • Record: 17-6
  • KenPom: 37
State of Play
  • Texas Tech has a record of 17-6, with a KenPom ranking of 37.
  • Texas Tech's star player, Pop Isaacs, leads the team with 16.9 points per game but faces controversy around sexual assault accusations.
  • The team's offensive struggles and defensive weaknesses have been evident in recent games.
What's Next

The game presents a tough challenge for the Jayhawks due to a short turnaround, road game, and health issues within the team.

Bottom Line

The Kansas Jayhawks face a challenging road game against Texas Tech, with uncertainties around player health and performance, making the outcome unpredictable.