UFC fighters are deemed unfit for WWE due to their lack of stamina, with top stars only competing once or twice a year, as opposed to WWE performers who wrestle over 100 times annually. Seth Rollins, WWE champion, highlighted the exhausting nature of the wrestling industry, citing the struggle of Ronda Rousey and CM Punk to transition successfully from UFC to WWE.

By the Numbers
  • UFC fighters compete once or twice a year
  • WWE performers wrestle over 100 times annually
Yes, But

The transition from UFC to WWE is challenging, as evidenced by Ronda Rousey and CM Punk's difficulties.

What's Next

The clash between WWE and UFC may continue to pose challenges for fighters attempting to transition between the two disciplines.

Bottom Line

UFC fighters' lack of stamina makes them unsuitable for the demands of WWE, as highlighted by the struggles of notable athletes attempting the crossover.