Will Ospreay bids farewell to NJPW as he heads to AEW, expressing gratitude to the company and its roster for shaping him. Although he has signed with AEW, Ospreay's deal allows for occasional appearances in NJPW, offering a new opportunity to showcase his talent across different platforms.

By the Numbers
  • Will Ospreay announced his departure from NJPW and expressed gratitude to the company and its roster on Twitter/X.
  • Ospreay has signed with AEW, but his deal allows him to wrestle for NJPW on occasion.
What's Next

Ospreay will transition to AEW as a full-time wrestler, with the opportunity to continue participating in major events for NJPW.

Bottom Line

Will Ospreay says goodbye to NJPW and embraces his journey to AEW, leaving the door open for future collaborations while continuing to showcase his talent as a top professional wrestler.