The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are preparing for the CFL's free-agent market opening, with several key players already locked in for the 2024 season. Negotiations with other players are ongoing, with a strong focus on retaining essential team members.

By the Numbers
  • 33 players listed as pending free agents
  • 17 players have signed back, including starters like DE Willie Jefferson and RB Brady Oliveira
  • 5 players officially departed, including OL Jermarcus Hardrick and DT Ricky Walker
State of Play
  • Ongoing negotiations with unsigned players, with the market set to open for official announcements
  • Key positions, including quarterback, running back, and defensive line, have seen significant additions and changes
Bottom Line

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are navigating the complex task of retaining their championship team within the constraints of the CFL's salary cap, with strategic negotiations and key signings contributing to the team's ongoing stability and competitiveness.