Wisconsin Basketball is facing a critical juncture after a rapid 4-game skid, prompting a deep dive into the prediction model for the upcoming game against Ohio State. The prediction model takes into account pace, height advantage, defensive rebound percentage, and stop factor to analyze the matchup.

By the Numbers
  • Pace: Projected Possessions - Gard Your Fickell’s Model | 67, KenPom Model | 64, Haslam Metrics | 65.7
  • Height Advantage: Wisconsin averages 78.39 inches vs. Ohio State's 77.51 inches
  • DREB%: Projected Wisconsin DREB% - 79.93% vs. Ohio State's 74.42%
  • Stop Factor: Projected Wisconsin Stop Factor - 1.74 vs. Ohio State’s 1.50
State of Play
  • Wisconsin Basketball is in a precarious position, needing to secure a win at home to revive their prospects, with implications for their NCAA tournament chances.
  • There are concerns over the team's performance, with projections indicating a potential drop in the rankings and a need for key players to return to form.
Bottom Line

The upcoming matchup against Ohio State holds significant weight for Wisconsin Basketball, serving as a make-or-break moment that could impact their NCAA tournament aspirations and overall season trajectory.