The Big Ten's dominance in NCAA Tournament bids is unlikely to continue this season due to a soft middle and softer bottom, potentially resulting in only 6 bids, the fewest since 2018. The conference seeks NCAA success, as it has not won a title since 2000 and has had minimal Final Four participation since 2019.

By the Numbers
  • 4: The number of bids the Big Ten sent to the tourney in 2018.
  • 9: The record number of entries into the NCAA Tournament previously achieved by the Big Ten.
State of Play
  • Purdue is rolling with the best offense in the country, making them a top contender.
  • Wisconsin's recent losses have raised concerns, but their veteran experience gives them upside.
  • Northwestern has shown the ability to beat top teams, but faces depth and injury challenges.
Bottom Line

The Big Ten's NCAA Tournament bids may decrease, but top contenders like Purdue and Illinois have the potential to make deep runs, while other teams face challenges and uncertainties.