Volunteer coach Justin Walley is spearheading the establishment of a national football team in the Marshall Islands, comparing the process to starting a pub team. With previous experience in unconventional football settings, including Latvia and Matabeleland, Walley is now focused on bringing international football to the last country without a national team. The endeavor involves building a team from scratch, dealing with the absence of football infrastructure, and scouting for players across the islands. Despite the challenges, the goal is to create a sustainable football culture, with an emphasis on integrating the sport into school curriculums and developing the game from the ground up.

By the Numbers
  • 30,000 population in the capital of Majuro, akin to Hinckley
  • Marshall Islands Soccer Federation (MISF) founded in 2020
State of Play
  • Establishment of Marshall Islands Soccer Federation in 2020
  • Focusing on integrating football into school curriculums
Bottom Line

The endeavor to establish a national football team in the Marshall Islands, akin to starting a pub team, involves overcoming significant challenges and building a sustainable football culture from the ground up.