The Cincinnati Reds, with promising young talent and a competitive division, are expected to make waves in baseball in 2024. Mark Sheldon of envisions the starting rotation for the Reds to include Graham Ashcraft, Frankie Montas, Hunter Greene, Andrew Abbott, and Nick Lodolo. Despite injury setbacks, the Reds have made strategic signings and acquired alternative options to bolster their rotation.

By the Numbers
  • Reds won 82 games last season
  • Mark Sheldon's projected rotation: Graham Ashcraft, Frankie Montas, Hunter Greene, Andrew Abbott, Nick Lodolo
  • Reds signed Montas to a one-year, $16 million deal
State of Play
  • Reds have promising young position player talent
  • Milwaukee Brewers appear to have taken a step back in the National League Central
What's Next

The Reds will aim to leverage their rotation and young talent to contend in the competitive division, potentially capitalizing on the Brewers' perceived step back.

Bottom Line

With an eye on the promising 2024 season, the Reds aim to overcome injury setbacks and solidify their rotation, positioning themselves as strong contenders in the National League Central.