Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur reveals that talks of a potential deal with Lewis Hamilton came up naturally, stemming from a long-standing open channel of communication between the two, with discussions evolving "naturally" between the pair in the latter part of the year.

By the Numbers
  • Hamilton effectively scrapped the second year of his Mercedes contract to pave his way to Ferrari at the end of 2024
  • Hamilton's future presence at Ferrari viewed as a "good challenge" for the team
State of Play
  • Talks of a potential deal between Ferrari and Hamilton evolved naturally
  • Vasseur emphasized that there were no grievances towards Carlos Sainz and stated the importance of focusing on the upcoming 2024 campaign
  • Announcement made early to ensure focus on 2024 and to minimize distractions
What's Next

Ferrari is focused on the upcoming 2024 campaign and being fully dedicated and committed until the last lap and corner of the season.

Bottom Line

The potential deal with Lewis Hamilton has emerged as a natural progression stemming from a long-standing relationship, with a sharp focus on the upcoming 2024 campaign.