The Chicago Bears are facing a franchise-altering decision with a potential change at quarterback as the decision looms over Justin Fields and Caleb Williams. General manager Ryan Poles and the Bears are assessing their options, with signs indicating a trade of current quarterback Justin Fields and the selection of a replacement in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Bears are in need of a quarterback who can provide the same level of margin that Patrick Mahomes offers the Chiefs.

By the Numbers
  • Mitchell Trubisky went 2-5 with eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions during his two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers
State of Play
  • The Bears are evaluating a potential quarterback change, considering the trade of Justin Fields and a replacement in the NFL Draft
  • There is a need for a quarterback who can offer a similar level of margin as Patrick Mahomes does for the Chiefs
Bottom Line

The Chicago Bears are at a pivotal moment, facing a crucial decision on their quarterback situation that could have lasting implications for the franchise's future.