Alabama's position in the SEC and college football post-Nick Saban retirement is discussed, with emphasis on the team's continued strength and the impact of new coach Kalen Deboer. The SEC's challenges are highlighted, particularly with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma in 2024. FanDuel's 2024 SEC win totals are released, featuring Alabama at 9.5 games.

By the Numbers
  • Alabama's win total set by FanDuel: 9.5 games
  • Georgia and Texas' win total: 10.5 games
  • Auburn's win total: 7.5 games
Bottom Line

The retirement of Nick Saban has not diminished Alabama's status as a powerhouse in college football. The upcoming season will likely be influenced by the team's dynamics under new coach Kalen Deboer, as well as the challenges posed by the expanded playoffs and the addition of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC. FanDuel's release of Alabama's win total at 9.5 games indicates the high expectations for the team in the upcoming season.