Alexander Volkanovski, one of the UFC's longest-reigning titleholders, faces predictions of his downfall at UFC 298, raising questions about the end of his era as the featherweight champion. Analysts debate the possibility of one of the UFC’s greatest titleholders relinquishing his belt, with concerns about his age and recent history of title fight competitors at 170 pounds and under. The potential rise of Ilia Topuria as the next dominant featherweight champion adds complexity to the discussion.

By the Numbers
  • Volkanovski's reign totals over 1,500 days as the featherweight champion, marking the fifth-longest consecutive title reign in UFC men’s history.
  • At 35, Volkanovski is the oldest champion under 170 pounds in UFC history.
Yes, But

Analysts express conflicting views on the potential end of Volkanovski's reign, with varying opinions on his ability to remain a dominant force in the division.

State of Play
  • Volkanovski's age and recent losses raise concerns about his ability to maintain his championship status.
  • Ilia Topuria's emergence as a potential dominant featherweight champion adds intrigue to the title picture.
What's Next

Speculation revolves around Ilia Topuria potentially becoming the new featherweight champion, signaling the end of Volkanovski's era, while also acknowledging the possibility of Volkanovski remaining a significant player in the division.

Bottom Line

The potential end of Alexander Volkanovski's era as the featherweight champion raises questions about the future of the division and the emergence of new title contenders.