The Royals have been active in bolstering their bullpen but may still add more veteran relief pitchers to the mix. While young candidates like James McArthur and Carlos Hernández show promise, the team is considering additional options. As spring training begins, there are several free agents available who could potentially benefit the Royals, including Anthony Bass, Dominic Leone, Ryne Stanek, and Matt Wisler.

By the Numbers
  • Anthony Bass had a 1.54 ERA in 73 appearances in 2022 but struggled with a 4.95 ERA in 22 games in the following year.
  • Dominic Leone had a 1.51 ERA in 2021 but saw his ERA spike to 4.67 in 2023.
  • Ryne Stanek had a 1.15 ERA in 2022, but this figure rose to 4.09 in the following year, with interest from other teams like the Mets, Cubs, and Red Sox.
  • Matt Wisler has a 2.59 ERA since 2020 but struggled in Triple-A with the Tigers last year.
Yes, But

While these free agent options present potential, they also come with certain risks and challenges, such as performance fluctuations and injury concerns.

State of Play
  • The Royals have been actively working on their bullpen, with a focus on potentially adding more veteran relief pitchers.
  • Several free agent relief pitchers are available, offering the Royals various options to consider.
  • Injury concerns are a significant factor with some potential candidates, raising questions about their readiness and performance.
Bottom Line

The Royals are exploring the possibility of further strengthening their bullpen by considering available free agent relief pitchers, weighing the potential benefits against the accompanying risks.