Fans and players are demanding answers after a poorly officiated Knicks-Rockets game, where there were several questionable calls, including a controversial final shot heave foul call. The Rockets took 21 more free throws than the Knicks, leading to widespread frustration and criticism of the officials.

By the Numbers
  • The Rockets took 21 more free throws than the Knicks (33 vs. 12).
  • New York had eight more points in the paint than Houston.
Yes, But

Some observers argue that if it's going to be an awfully officiated game, it should at least be officiated poorly on both sides.

State of Play
  • The controversial officiating has sparked widespread criticism and frustration among fans and players.
  • Tuesday's Last Two Minute Report is anticipated to shed further light on the officiating controversy.
Bottom Line

The poorly officiated Knicks-Rockets game has prompted fans and players to call for answers and has sparked widespread frustration and criticism, highlighting the significant impact officiating can have on the outcome of a game.