The Miami Dolphins 2024 offseason is eerily similar to the previous year, indicating a lack of significant progress on addressing critical team needs. The team's general manager, Chris Grier, is under scrutiny for failing to effectively resolve ongoing issues despite repeated failures to adequately address these concerns.

By the Numbers
  • In 2023, the Dolphins' offseason needs included fixing the offensive line, tight end position, extending Tua Tagovailoa's contract, making decisions on various players, and addressing depth in crucial positions.
  • In 2024, the team faces almost identical needs, particularly in areas like the offensive line, tight end, and linebackers, showcasing a concerning lack of progress.
Yes, But

Despite the repeated failures to address critical needs, there's an acknowledgment of occasional successful acquisitions, like the trade for Tyreek Hill, which led to playoff appearances in the last two seasons.

State of Play
  • Chris Grier, the team's general manager, faces mounting pressure due to the team's recurrent failure to tangibly resolve ongoing issues.
  • The Dolphins' inability to learn from previous mistakes and make substantial improvements is a cause for concern, raising doubts about the team's ability to progress effectively.
Bottom Line

The Miami Dolphins' 2024 offseason mirrors previous years, highlighting a troubling pattern of stagnation and inadequacy in addressing critical team needs, adding significant pressure on the team's general manager, Chris Grier, to deliver tangible improvements.