The Miami Dolphins are facing a decision on whether to retain right guard Robert Hunt, who has been a consistent and top-performing member of their offensive line. Hunt, 27, has shown improvement each year, culminating in a 77.1 grade in 2023, making him the sixth-highest graded guard in the NFL. However, he suffered a significant injury in 2023, impacting his availability. The team's cap situation may make it difficult to reach a deal without a significant discount, and they have the option to explore drafting a replacement. With Hunt's projected market value at $11.8 million annually, it seems unlikely that the Dolphins will meet this figure. The team may need to look for alternatives to fill the void if a deal is not reached.

By the Numbers
  • Hunt's 2023 grade: 77.1, the sixth-highest among NFL guards
  • Hunt's projected market value: $11.8 million annually
State of Play
  • Hunt has been consistently performing as the right guard for the Dolphins
  • The Dolphins may struggle to reach a deal with Hunt due to their current cap situation
  • Exploring the option of drafting a replacement for Hunt
Bottom Line

The Dolphins face a difficult decision regarding the future of Robert Hunt, balancing his on-field performance with financial constraints. If a deal cannot be reached, the team will need to consider alternative options to maintain a strong offensive line.