Tyreek Hill emphasizes that the Miami Dolphins need to stop making excuses and expects big things for the upcoming season, highlighting the team's need for consistency.

By the Numbers
  • The Dolphins have made the playoffs twice in the past two seasons but were knocked out in the Wildcard round both times.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs became the third team to win the Super Bowl after defeating the Dolphins in the AFC playoffs.
State of Play
  • Tyreek Hill stresses the need for no more excuses and higher expectations for the team.
  • The Miami Dolphins are looking to address their need for a stretch tight end or better No. 3 receiver.
  • Coaching changes are expected in Miami's defensive coaching staff for the upcoming season. Renaldo Hill and Sam Madison will not return next season.
What's Next

The team's ability to address its need for consistency and improve their offensive lineup will be crucial for their upcoming season.

Bottom Line

The Miami Dolphins need to overcome their pattern of starting strong and then cooling down, while also making strategic improvements to achieve higher expectations for the upcoming season.