Former Cowboys star Darren Woodson recounts his experience with new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, highlighting Zimmer's relentless coaching style and emphasis on toughness to challenge players. Zimmer's track record, including successful stints as a defensive coordinator and head coach, underscores his ability to instill a winning mindset. Woodson believes Zimmer's no-nonsense approach will inject much-needed intensity into the talented yet underperforming Cowboys defense.

By the Numbers
  • Darren Woodson made four straight Pro Bowl appearances under Zimmer's coaching.
  • Zimmer was the Cowboys' secondary coach from 1995 to 1999 and defensive coordinator for seven seasons from 2000 to 2006.
State of Play
  • Zimmer's hiring signals a shift towards a more intense and challenging approach for the Cowboys' defense.
  • The team boasts strong defensive talent, including three Pro Bowlers and players like Trevon Diggs returning from injury.
Bottom Line

Zimmer's arrival as the defensive coordinator brings a new era of tough, uncompromising leadership to the Cowboys, emphasizing a need for change and growth within the team's culture.