Nebraska football's new quarterbacks coach Glenn Thomas is excited about joining the staff and has already been discussing playbook strategies for next season, showing a strong understanding of the task of preparing two freshman quarterbacks. Matt Rhule's emphasis on the importance of the quarterback position is evident in the aggressive pursuit of five-star QB Dylan Raiola and the hiring of a dedicated QB coach. Thomas' experience with Rhule's best offensive teams and his approach to simplifying things for young quarterbacks make for an exciting pairing. On the defensive side, the good news for Nebraska is that defensive coordinator Tony White is staying, despite talks with UCLA, as DeShaun Foster was named the new head coach. White's continuation is a positive development for the Huskers, especially with the upcoming game against the Bruins.

By the Numbers
  • Glenn Thomas, the new Nebraska football quarterbacks coach, is focusing on preparing two freshman quarterbacks for next season.
  • Nebraska pursued and landed a five-star QB, Dylan Raiola, emphasizing the importance of the quarterback position.
State of Play
  • Glenn Thomas is enthusiastic about joining the Nebraska football staff and has already begun discussions about playbook strategies for next season.
  • Tony White, the defensive coordinator, has decided to stay with Nebraska despite talks with UCLA, as DeShaun Foster was announced as the new head coach.
Bottom Line

Glenn Thomas brings enthusiasm and strategic planning to Nebraska football, while the decision of defensive coordinator Tony White to stay provides stability and continuity for the team.