The betting odds for which NFL team will draft Oregon QB Bo Nix have been released. Bo Nix is considered a polarizing figure in the world of draft analysis, with varying opinions on his potential draft position. FanDuel Sportsbook has placed betting odds on potential teams to draft Nix, providing insights and analysis on the potential suitors, draft selections, and starting quarterbacks for the 2023 season.

By the Numbers
  • Betting Odds: Range from +260 to +4800 for different teams
  • First-Round Draft Selection: Ranges from No. 1 to No. 20
  • Second-Round Draft Selection: Ranges from No. 27 to No. 57
Yes, But

The varied opinions and betting odds suggest that the placement of Bo Nix in the NFL Draft is uncertain, with differing assessments on the teams likely to select him.

State of Play
  • Teams like Arizona, Tennessee, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are among those with potential interest in drafting Nix.
  • Uncertainty exists around the specific draft positions and likelihood of certain teams selecting Nix.
What's Next

The upcoming NFL Draft will provide clarity on which team ultimately selects Bo Nix, shedding light on his future in the NFL.

Bottom Line

The uncertain and evolving nature of the betting odds and analysis indicates that Bo Nix's NFL draft placement is a topic of considerable speculation and interest, with the anticipation of significant developments in the upcoming draft.