An NFL insider suggests that Jacksonville Jaguars' quarterback Trevor Lawrence should wait until 2025 to pursue a new contract, as he needs to rebuild his stock. The Jaguars may opt to wait until 2027 to extend his contract, although they are likely to exercise the fifth-year option, keeping Lawrence under contract through 2025. Despite Lawrence's strong performance in the latter half of the 2022 season, his production dipped last year due to a struggling supporting cast. While it's not a priority now, the team should not necessarily wait until 2026 or 2027 to extend Lawrence's contract, as he holds leverage in negotiating. However, Lawrence is unlikely to be a distraction and understands he can secure a better deal by rebounding in 2024. Both the team and Lawrence stand to benefit from the wait, allowing them to address other needs and improve his support while also leveraging the escalating quarterback market.

By the Numbers
  • Jaguars could consider waiting until 2027 to extend Trevor Lawrence's contract
  • Lawrence's strong performance in the latter half of the 2022 season led the Jags to the playoffs
  • His production suffered due to a struggling supporting cast and his own injury issues in the last season
Yes, But

The Jaguars may face increased pressure if Lawrence makes it known he won't play without a new deal.

State of Play
  • Jaguars may prioritize other needs over extending Lawrence's contract in the current offseason
  • Lawrence understands the potential benefits of waiting for a new deal
What's Next

The decision on Lawrence's contract extension and his performance in the 2024 season will be crucial factors to watch.

Bottom Line

Both the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence may benefit from waiting until next year to pursue a contract extension, allowing them to address other team needs and leverage the evolving quarterback market.