Patrick Mahomes is argued to be the greatest quarterback of all time, surpassing Tom Brady's legacy, based on his exceptional performance and unique skill set. The comparison between the two highlights the qualitative and quantitative aspects of greatness, emphasizing Mahomes' unprecedented achievements on the field. Brady's career is undeniably remarkable, but Mahomes' impact and versatility position him as a player on a level of his own.

By the Numbers
  • In his first six seasons, including playoffs, Mahomes is 88-25, with 260 passing TDs and three Super Bowl wins.
  • Before 30, Mahomes’ playoff stats include 5,135 yards passing, 41 TDs, three Super Bowl championships, and three Super Bowl MVPs.
  • Since 2019, Mahomes is 5-1 when trailing by 10-plus points in the playoffs, while the rest of the NFL is 6-48 in that span.
Yes, But

The argument acknowledges Brady's exceptional career but emphasizes Mahomes' unique impact on the field, showcasing an evolution in the definition of greatness in the sport.

State of Play
  • Debate between qualitative and quantitative measures of greatness in sports.
  • Mahomes' unprecedented impact and versatility position him as a player on a level of his own.
  • Emphasizes Mahomes' exceptional achievements and influence on the game.
Bottom Line

While Tom Brady's career is extraordinary, the argument presents Patrick Mahomes as a player redefining greatness through his unique skill set and impact on the field, challenging traditional definitions of the GOAT.