Blazer's Edge Night 2024 needs help to donate tickets for thousands of children from the Portland area to attend the Trail Blazers game against the Atlanta Hawks on March 13. The charity event aims to provide free tickets to children who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to attend. The Blazers have made 450 extra tickets available, but there's less than 10 days to get them donated. Individuals can buy tickets at $12-$23 each, which will go directly to the charity event. The initiative has seen support from Breakside Brewery, with discussions for a continued association and hosting a Blazer's Edge get-together next year.

By the Numbers
  • 450 extra tickets made available by the Blazers
  • Tickets priced between $12 and $23
State of Play
  • Less than 10 days left to donate tickets
  • Breakside Brewery has offered substantial support
Bottom Line

The Blazer's Edge Night initiative urgently needs donations to provide thousands of children with the opportunity to attend the Trail Blazers game, with the support of Breakside Brewery potentially signaling a long-term collaboration.