Spencer Dinwiddie fulfills a childhood dream by signing with the Lakers, embracing the pressure of playing for his hometown team and facing high expectations from fans and family. His decision was influenced by the Lakers' culture of pushing for victory, contrasting with the comfort of returning to Dallas. In his new role, Dinwiddie aims to make an impact, fulfill a childhood dream, and connect with his son through his Lakers jersey. The team is working on integrating him smoothly, particularly in terms of his driving and spot-up shooting abilities and potential defensive lineups, despite his ACL injury history.

By the Numbers
  • Dinwiddie averaged 8.9 drives per game in Brooklyn and made 2.0 free throws per game on drives this season.
  • He is shooting 35.1% on catch-and-shoot 3s this season, and his previous seasons include shooting at least 37% in his three prior healthy seasons.
State of Play
  • Lakers won the In-Season Tournament and have faced a shift in strengths, ranking ninth in offense and No. 20 in defense since Jan. 7.
  • They have won nine of their last 14 games and are navigating the challenging Western Conference playoff race.
Bottom Line

Spencer Dinwiddie's return to the Lakers symbolizes a momentous personal and professional milestone, blending childhood aspirations with the weight of high expectations. His seamless integration into the team's dynamic, particularly in refining his driving and shooting skills, will be critical to their continued success in a competitive playoff race.