The Eagles can glean valuable lessons from the Kansas City Chiefs' win over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, despite not being in the game themselves. Key takeaways include the importance of offensive creativity and secondary options, the essential role of good cornerback play, the impact of elite linebacker performance, and the need for dominance in the middle. These lessons can inform the Eagles' strategy heading into NFL free agency and future seasons.

By the Numbers
  • Patrick Mahomes completed passes to eight different players in the Super Bowl
  • Kansas City defensive backs held the 49ers to 6.7 yards per pass attempt
State of Play
  • The Eagles have decisions to make on cornerback play and acquiring dominant players in the middle
  • The need to pressure opponents effectively will be imperative for the Eagles in 2024
What's Next

The Eagles should prioritize acquiring secondary options and dominant players, and they must focus on pressuring opponents effectively in the upcoming season.

Bottom Line

The Eagles can leverage the lessons from the Super Bowl to strengthen their team, emphasizing offensive creativity, secondary options, cornerback play, linebacker performance, and dominance in the middle as key areas of focus.