The UAE Tour Women is a significant UCI Women’s WorldTour race in the Middle East, attracting substantial local and European race organization personnel. The race features 100 to 150 people from Europe, including a TV production company, and substantial local staff and police presence. The event entails transporting around 200 vehicles, with each team, from WorldTour to smaller continental teams, having the same number and type of vehicles, creating a near-level playing field.

The Big Picture

The UAE Tour Women showcases race venues in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain, with stages designed collaboratively by RCS Sport and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. The race's standard is aligned with the men's race, and it provides a serious climbing test early in the season.

By the Numbers
  • The UAE Tour Women involves around 100 to 150 people from Europe for race organization
  • Around 200 vehicles, from motorbikes to vans, are utilized in the race convoy
  • The race pays 11,000€ per team, but this doesn't cover the full costs of traveling to the Middle East with bikes and other equipment
State of Play
  • The UAE Tour Women provides a unique platform for women's cycling, ensuring a similar standard to the men's race and offering a challenging climb early in the season
  • The race has found its niche and date on the women's WorldTour calendar in February, with potential for further additions such as an individual time trial
Bottom Line

The UAE Tour Women highlights the growing prominence and potential of women's cycling, providing a platform that aligns with the men's race standard and offers a notable climbing challenge early in the season.