The Undertaker discusses WWE's current backstage atmosphere under Triple H's leadership, noting a "calm" environment and praising the lack of yelling or badmouthing. He sees the new style as potentially beneficial for the company.

The Big Picture

The shift in WWE's backstage atmosphere and leadership style, with Triple H at the helm, reflects a departure from Vince McMahon's longstanding management approach, potentially signaling positive changes for the company's future.

By the Numbers
  • Triple H praised for maintaining a "calm" environment
  • Undertaker highlights the absence of yelling or badmouthing
Yes, But

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State of Play
  • Transition from Vince McMahon's leadership to Triple H's style
  • Positive impact of the new management approach on backstage dynamics
What's Next

The potential long-term effects of the new backstage atmosphere and leadership style on WWE's operations and creative direction

Bottom Line

Triple H's leadership has ushered in a "calm" and respectful backstage atmosphere, potentially signaling positive changes for WWE and its future direction.