Ashton Judd's sophomore season in Mizzou women's basketball has showcased both brilliance and struggle, with a mix of missed shots, turnovers, and significant potential. Despite a dip in shooting percentages and turnover struggles, Judd's mental toughness and unwavering confidence position her for an upward trajectory. Her evolution as a confident scorer and resilient player, along with her consistent rebounding prowess, signal progress even amidst the team's losing streak.

By the Numbers
  • Judd averaged nearly 14 points per game this season, almost doubling her previous scoring average of seven points per game.
  • Judd's turnovers per game average of 3.3 places her among the top in the SEC, reflecting both increased opportunities and challenges.
  • Averaging nearly seven rebounds a game, Judd has demonstrated consistent excellence on the glass, contributing significantly to the team's rebounding efforts.
State of Play
  • Judd's mental toughness and resilience have been evident, with her ability to maintain confidence and composure even amid adversity.
  • The team is on a six-game losing streak and is currently at the bottom of the SEC standings, despite individual player progress.
What's Next

Judd's unwavering confidence and resilience position her for potential growth and continued improvement, offering hope for a positive trajectory in the remainder of the season and beyond.

Bottom Line

Despite the struggles, Ashton Judd's mental toughness, evolving skills, and consistent rebounding indicate a positive future trajectory, both for her individual performance and the team's overall dynamics.