Vanderbilt suffered a decisive defeat as Tennessee secured an 86-61 victory, highlighting Vanderbilt's struggles and Tennessee's dominant performance.

By the Numbers
  • Tennessee shot 52% from the floor, while Vanderbilt shot at 32%.
  • Tennessee's first-quarter shooting percentage was an impressive 76.9% compared to Vanderbilt's 36.8%.
Yes, But

Vanderbilt's coach Shea Ralph highlighted the team's missed opportunities and struggles, acknowledging both controllable and uncontrollable factors contributing to the outcome.

What's Next

Vanderbilt's performance in the remaining games will determine its chances of securing a spot in the NCAA Tournament with a winning record in conference play.

Bottom Line

The defeat underscores the need for Vanderbilt to regroup and perform strongly in the final games to bolster its chances of making the NCAA Tournament, while Tennessee's dominant performance solidifies its position in the season series sweep.