The University of Arizona is set to hire Missouri's athletic director, Desireé Reed-Francois, as its next athletic director, in the midst of financial struggles within the department. Reed-Francois' ties to Arizona and experience in leadership roles are seen as valuable assets. Her hiring marks the first time a woman will hold the full-time athletic director position at Arizona. The move comes amid skepticism about the caliber of athletic director the university could attract due to its negative financial situation.

By the Numbers
  • Reed-Francois is expected to agree to a five-year deal.
  • Arizona is facing a reported deficit of $177 million.
State of Play
  • Reed-Francois' appointment comes as Arizona athletics is struggling financially and has borrowed over $80 million from the university in recent years.
  • Missouri's athletics reported a $15 million surplus in the 2022 fiscal year under Reed-Francois' leadership.
What's Next

Reed-Francois is expected to focus on building Arizona's financial stability, while Arizona football is anticipated to be a strong contender in the Big 12 in 2024.

Bottom Line

The hiring of Reed-Francois as Arizona's next athletic director signifies a significant step in addressing the university's financial struggles and signifies the potential for positive changes in the department's leadership and financial management.