After remarkably clinching a postseason spot in 2023, the Miami Marlins are driven to build on that success and make further strides in the 2024 season. Despite facing challenges such as the absence of key players like ace Sandy Alcantara and slugger Jorge Soler, the team remains resolute in their aspiration to return to the playoffs. Manager Skip Schumaker emphasized the importance of maintaining a winning culture and trust within the organization, echoing the sentiment that making the playoffs is the ultimate goal. The Marlins have a 28.9 percent chance of securing a postseason spot in 2024, and efforts have been focused on fortifying the front office and seeking contributions from recovering and newly acquired players.

By the Numbers
  • Miami made the postseason in 2023 despite having a 23.6 percent chance, according to FanGraphs
  • The Marlins have a 28.9 percent odds of making the postseason in 2024, as per FanGraphs
State of Play
  • The Marlins are determined to overcome the absence of key players and aim for another postseason run in 2024
  • Efforts have been made to strengthen the front office and leverage the potential of recovering and newly acquired players
  • The team's manager emphasizes the importance of a winning culture and trust among all members of the organization
Bottom Line

The Miami Marlins are steadfast in their commitment to building on their 2023 postseason success and overcoming challenges to secure another playoff berth in 2024, emphasizing a culture of winning and trust within the organization.