Cal Poly's Beach Volleyball program celebrates its 10-year anniversary, transitioning from a risky startup to a dominant force in collegiate beach volleyball, winning multiple championships along the way. The program, which initially functioned with the same team as indoor volleyball due to lack of a dedicated beach court, now boasts the impressive Swanson Beach Complex with five NCAA regulation sand courts. With the addition of renowned coach Todd Rogers, the team's competitiveness and success have notably increased, culminating in significant wins and national rankings. The future aims to maintain athletic success while focusing on academic excellence, with the highest team GPA at Cal Poly.

The Big Picture

The success story of Cal Poly's Beach Volleyball program showcases the evolution and growth of collegiate beach volleyball over the past decade, from humble beginnings to national prominence, highlighting the impact of strategic investments and coaching expertise.

By the Numbers
  • Cal Poly's women's beach volleyball team has a team average GPA of 3.5, the highest among all teams at Cal Poly.
  • The team was ranked 5th in the nation in 2020, reflecting the program's remarkable development in a short period.
State of Play
  • The Mustangs are set to kick off their spring season against Tarleton State on Feb. 23rd in Louisiana.
  • Upcoming challenges include the Big West Championship in April and the NCAA Championship in May, with hopes for another successful season.
Bottom Line

Cal Poly's Beach Volleyball program's journey from inception to national recognition exemplifies the payoff of taking calculated risks, investing in top-tier facilities, and securing elite coaching staff, with a continued focus on achieving excellence both athletically and academically.