Mets players reassure Justin Verlander they were not behind 'diva' comments made during his time with the team.

The Big Picture

The New York Mets, following a disappointing season, clarify to Verlander that they were not involved in labeling him a 'diva' during his brief tenure.

By the Numbers
  • Verlander, a former MVP and three-time Cy Young winner, reached out to Mets teammates over the rumors.
  • Verlander expressed his intense dedication during his time with the Detroit Tigers and how he has evolved since.
State of Play
  • Verlander remains unsure of the source behind the 'diva' comment during his time with the Mets.
  • Verlander and Scherzer, former teammates in Detroit, successfully reunited as teammates in New York for a portion of a season.
Bottom Line

The Mets players engender transparency by debunking the 'diva' label on Verlander, fostering renewed camaraderie as the baseball world awaits the revelation of the comment's elusive source.