In an impressive feat, the Husson University men's basketball team has secured their second North Atlantic Conference Championship and NCAA Tournament appearance in three years, with the key contribution coming from a special senior class, all hailing from Maine. The four graduating seniors, Derek Collin, Luke Caruso, Scott Lewis, and Jared Balser, have showcased the significance of Maine's basketball talent, highlighting their impact beyond mere statistics.

By the Numbers
  • Derek Collin has averaged 5.7 points, 3.9 rebounds, and nearly one assist per game over his five years as an Eagle, with a career-high 48.6% from three-point range in his final year.
  • Jared Balser has averaged a career-high 6.1 rebounds per contest this year and amassed an impressive 80 blocks over his four years at Husson.
State of Play
  • The Husson men's basketball program is preparing for an NCAA Tournament clash against the No. 8 ranked New York University Violets.
  • The special senior class, comprising all Maine natives, has left a lasting impact on the program and is set to graduate soon, leaving a legacy as champions.
Bottom Line

The commitment and dedication of the Maine-based senior class have not only propelled the Husson men's basketball program to success but also showcased the depth of basketball talent in the state, leaving a legacy of achievement and inspiration.