The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are conducting one-on-one interviews with CFL Draft prospects, emphasizing the importance of finding players who are not just talented but also a good fit for their team.

The Big Picture

The process of selecting draft prospects goes beyond just football skills, focusing on the individuals' character and how well they would integrate into the team's existing culture.

By the Numbers
  • Kyle Walters, the Blue Bombers GM, has interacted with hundreds of prospects over the years.
  • The team plans to interview a total of 70 prospects during the combine.
State of Play
  • Blue Bombers conduct interviews in a unique way, aiming to understand the prospects' stories and personalities.
  • Teams have varied approaches to interviews, from fun icebreakers to intense interrogations.
What's Next

After the CFL Combine, the Blue Bombers will finalize their draft rankings and follow up with top prospects before the draft, focusing on players who not only possess athletic skills but also fit the team's culture.

Bottom Line

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers' approach to interviewing CFL prospects goes beyond football abilities; they prioritize character and cultural fit, aiming to build a cohesive team for future success in the league.