A deep pool of football talent emerged at the Canadian Football League Combine, leaving teams like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to finalize their selections for the upcoming CFL National and Global Drafts on April 30th. Despite notable omissions of top Canadian prospects focused on NFL opportunities, the 2024 CFL Draft is anticipated to be robust with talent.

The Big Picture

The CFL Combine highlighted the depth of football players available for the upcoming draft, showcasing a mix of emerging talents and established prospects.

By the Numbers
  • 13 players from the CFL Scouting Bureau's Top 20 weren't in attendance at the Combine.
  • The Blue Bombers have 10 selections in the 2024 CFL Draft, including three in the Top 20 at #8, #17, and #20.
Yes, But

Despite the depth of talent present, the absence of some top prospects may impact the overall strength of the draft class.

State of Play
  • Teams are strategizing their draft picks based on positional needs and potential NFL interests of players.
  • The focus remains on evaluating available prospects and making informed decisions for the draft selections.
What's Next

As teams like the Blue Bombers analyze their draft boards, the next steps involve finalizing their selections and preparing for the draft day.

Bottom Line

The CFL Combine showcased a rich pool of football talent, setting the stage for an intriguing 2024 CFL Draft, where teams like the Blue Bombers aim to secure impactful players for the upcoming season.